Dinosaur in the City, Near Laichikok (1998)

The Face (1997)

Ten Poet Friends Behind the "British" Gate (1998)

The Floating City (1997)

Hong Kong, Someday in 1997 (1997)

A View from Mandarin Oriental in Macau (1998)

Patrick with an Umbrella after Late Breakfast in Peng Chau (1998)

RELAX (1998)

Detector Installation Near the Old Airport, Kai-tak (1998)

Harbour Song (1998)

Traffic Light in Front of Industrial Tanks (1998)

Palm (1998)

Billboard, Snake, and Operating Instructions for a TV Set (1998)

Bird with Human Face (1998)

The Woman Who had Her Memories Lost (1997)

A Boulder and the World of Eternal Hell It Faces (Tiger Balm Garden) (1998)

The Love (1998)

The Building Behind a Billboard with Butterflies, Macau (1998)

The Island Looking Out from a Ferry to Peng Chau (1998)

Tasting a Local Cabernet Sauvignon in Ontario (1998)